My new venture: Career & Finance Help

Posted March 2014:

I’m so excited to announce my new career and finance blog, Trea’s Two Cents! My passion has always been to help others achieve their desired level of success professionally and financially (especially for you young professionals just starting out). I’ve been so blessed with my level of accomplishments in my career and finances, all before the age of 30. But I’m far from boasting! Instead, I’m sharing everything I’ve learned along the way  (the good and the bad) to help individuals get out of debt, manage their money, get that job promotion, and whatever other goals they may have regarding their career and finances.

Visit Trea’s Two Cents for helpful articles like “How I paid for my wedding with money to spare!” or “Leaping from $30,000/year to $100,000/year in less than 6 years“. Or download the FREE Student Debt Planner that I used to plan my strategy and still use to track my progress on my student debt-free journey. There are tons of articles, resources, and ways to connect with the TTC Community. So check out the site, and explore!