My final CurlStories post: but this is not GOODBYE!

Goodbye to CurlStories…

It’s been 2 years since I began documenting my natural hair journey, and I have enjoyed every minute of it. When I started this, I looked at it as an opportunity to just journal publicly. I knew that doing this would hold me more accountable. At the time I was transitioning from relaxed to natural, so the accountability helped me to not give up and get a relaxer again 🙂

Since then, I’ve met so many amazing people, learned so many great hair techniques, and honestly learned quite a bit about myself. But everything must come to an end. I’ve decided to direct my efforts to blogging on a subject I have a little more expertise in (more details below). I’d do them both if I had the time, but with a full-time job, I just have to let something go.

…But I’m still on Instagram

But this is definitely not goodbye. I will always document my hair journey. Now, it’ll be through Instagram.  Trust me, you won’t miss out. I take lots of hair pictures and will work to update more often. Rest assured that my Instagram is solely focused on my hair journey. You can follow me @savvyrenae, and I’ll follow back!

Starting a new venture!

For those interested, I’ve decided to start a career and personal finance blog. My passion has always been to help others achieve their desired level of success professionally and financially (especially for those young professionals just starting out). I’ve been blessed with my level of accomplishments in my career and in my personal finances at the age of 29. But I’m far from boasting. Instead, I’d like to share everything I’ve learned along the way  (the good and the bad) and help individuals get out of debt, manage their money, get that job promotion, or whatever other goals they may have regarding their career or personal finances.

I won’t talk your ear off here, but if you’d like more information, I encourage you to visit my new blog, Trea’s Two Cents. Let me know what you think! I’ve put a lot of work into providing helpful articles and easy-to-use free resources. And if you know of anyone who can benefit from career or personal finance tips, don’t hesitate to share!

Again, I appreciate all of the encouragement and support from you ladies. If there is any way I can help you advance your passions let me know :). I have to do at least one shout out to Marsha. Thanks for the encouragement along my entire hair blog journey. You always took the time to comment, and I appreciate it so much!

Good luck in all of your hair journeys, and hopefully we’ll connect again soon!



2 thoughts on “My final CurlStories post: but this is not GOODBYE!

    • Thanks so much Ndeshimona! I really appreciate any feedback you have since I’m just starting out. Also, really, let me know if there’s any way I can help you in your endeavors! 🙂

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