First mini-twist experience

So I don’t know if these were technically mini twists lol, but they were by far the smallest I’ve experienced. My best friend was in town, loves doing hair and so wanted to twist mine. I’m like “hey, go for it”. Especially if it meant not styling my hair for 2 weeks.

The only product she used was Eco-styler gel with olive oil (I think). I had my oil there for her to use, but she chose not to. She put a lot of gel on the ends to make sure they curled. My hair had been moisturized the night before, and that morning I simply sealed with a little oil.

1. Day one – my hair was stretched and I loved it.
2. My twists were moisturize and soft. So they were easy to pin up.

1. I moisturize my hair daily and so my hair quickly shrank and became frizzy. (More on my new moisturizing concoction later, preview: I love it!)
2. I left them in for two weeks, and on wash day the tangles were bonkers! I’m attributing the tangles to the fact that:

• I left them in for two so as the strands shrank they clung to each other more and more.
• The ends had so much gel on them without much else. This was the most tangled part. I tried to moisturize and seal throughout the two weeks, but I don’t think it helped :-/

Overall, I’m glad I gave it a try, but I don’t think the tangles were worth not having to style for 2 weeks. Maybe there was a better way for me to take care of it.

What’s been your experience with mini-twists?

Happy Friday!