CurlyNikki Meet-up & More!

So I had the pleasure of attending CurlyNikki’s Chicago meet up yesterday, and I had a blast! I believe it was her first time hosting one in Chicago and boy could you tell. The event started at 2pm and by 10 after there was a line around the corner! I was in overload. There were so many gorgeous styles, amazing textures, and big chop stories. I met a lot of amazing people, which was perfect because I’m still pretty new to the area. It just felt great to be around people that had the same questions and experiences as you.

And CurlyNikki was a doll. She is the sweetest, and was very easy to talk to. She worked her way around the room and took the time to take pictures with everyone who wanted one (Sorry that mine is a blur!).

The meet up was sponsored by Motions, and they gave away their Naturally You Smoothing Conditioner and Deep Conditioning Masque. My wash day was today, so I thought, “what the heck, lets try out this deep conditioner!”. So far, I like it!

Quick review of Naturally You Deep Conditioning Masque

1. It smells amazing

2. It’s whipped and VERY easy to apply.

3. My hair had fewer tangles, and I saw less breakage during my detangling session (I should put an asterisk here, because I also made a few other changes that could have contributed to this).

4. The product isn’t fully natural. It has cones, and I feel some product build-up, but it could have been from me putting in too much Kinky Curly Knot Today to detangle.

I’ll have to give a more detailed update once my hair is dry. If you’d like to try it yourself, I think it’s available in most traditional hair stores. I know I also saw it at Walgreens.

I mentioned in point #3 that I made a few other changes to decrease my tangles and breakage. So I’ll list them quickly

1. Trimmed my ends last week – I’m not sure how often I’m going to trim, but my ends looked really ragged and they were tangling like crazy. I didn’t cut off all of the split/damaged ends because I honestly couldn’t tell what was damaged and what wasn’t lol. I’m still learning, so I wanted to take it slowly.

2. Protective styling (especially at night) – To prevent further split/damaged ends, I’m trying more protective styles. I was doing this before, but the major change is that even if I wear my hair out that day, I’m twisting or tucking my ends at night (after I moisturize and seal). I learned from latifatumi that your ends can still suffer from friction even under a satin cap, and that they’re best protected if tucked at night.

Also, I’m going to try a new twist up-do tonight. Keep your fingers crossed because styling is NOT my strength!

3. Keeping my hair moisturized and sealed – I’m doing this every night if my hair is out. I mist the ends with water and seal with oil. Boy was my hair oily this week, but it never felt dry 🙂

4. Keeping my hair stretched – I honestly think this has been the biggest contributor to less tangles and breakage. I have over 50% shrinkage and my strands love to tangle and mingle together. Stretching my hair by banding (when wet) or bantu-knots (when dry) has really helped to stretch my hair, and that makes for more exciting styles :). I’ll have to get better at taking pics again so I can show you the difference. Coming soon!




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