Four Benefits of the Two Strand Twist

For the first time in over a year, I finally feel like I have a true protective style that I can wear the entire week.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve put in small two-strand twists (not mini, but they’re getting smaller and smaller!). I pin them back and “secure” with a bear claw clip. I wear this throughout the entire work week (~5 days), then on Saturday I’ll rock a twist out for a few days before I start the process over again. To keep my hair moisturized during the week, I mist my hands with water and lightly pat my hair, then I do the same with oil. By Friday, I usually add a cream to the moisturizing mix since I know I’ll be wearing a twist out soon. It’s all fairly simple.


1. Quick and easy (even for me!). Although the first time I tried it, it took me 4 hours somehow lol. Last week, it only took me 2 ½. Maybe I can do it even quicker tonight J.

2. Less breakage during the week. There is low/no manipulation, and my ends are completely protected, so I’m not seeing as many stray hairs. Breakage has definitely been a concern lately, so this has made me very happy.

3. Moisturized hair. My twist outs are so soft by the time the weekend rolls around. My hair feels moisturized and has a shine.

4. Defined curls. I’ve found that leaving smaller twists in for more than 3 days results in really defined curls. So far, I can only make them last one day lol, but it is a fierce day 1!

I haven’t experienced many frustrations with two strand twists. I don’t get bored with wearing the same style every day. I actually prefer it! I also don’t think my hair has knotted or tangled any more than when my hair is out. If anything, I feel like I have fewer knots, or the knots are more easily untangled. The strands seem to slide past each other with more ease. This is likely because my hair is not as dry, but I will be sure to pay attention tonight.

What’s your favorite protective style?








4 thoughts on “Four Benefits of the Two Strand Twist

  1. Really great post. I feel the same way about leaving my hair in one style. I don’t mind it at all! It looks like you found the perfect protective style for you. I look forward to more articles, keep up the good work!

  2. your twist outs look awesome! I just took mines down today and noticed how soft my hair was from co washing and twisting my hair yesterday.

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