Year in Review: relaxed, Transitioning, NATURAL :)

Has it been a year already? Funny how time flies. My last relaxer was 9/17/11, and I fully became natural 11 months later. Call me a long-term transitioner who didn’t last that long šŸ™‚


1. Only one texture, and it’s so much livelier (& of course healthier) than when it was relaxed or in-transition. Plus, detangling is much easier with ONE texture.
2. Natural up-dos are FIERCE! They last all day, and I’m telling you, I feel grown with something as simple as an afro puff. I can’t wait for my hair to get even larger and more bold šŸ™‚
3. Styles last more than one day! Wash days may be a monster lol, but keeping it moisturized, and styled throughout the week takes 5 minutes! I’m starting a “twists throughout the week, twist-out on weekends” hair diet, so we’ll see how that works.


1. Back at square one: After 11 months of transitioning, I was able to tell when my hair was responding well, and when it need some extra TLC. Now, I feel like I’m starting all over. For example, I feel like I’m seeing too much hair in the comb and on the shower floor after each wash session. I know 4b/c hair is more prone to breakage, so I’m trying to be cautious, but only time will tell.
2. Stubborn hair type: I am 4b/c, so I have some of the tightest coils, and it’s REALLY difficult to get any type of curl definition. That is my next mission, bring out more of my curl definition.
3. Tangles and knots:Ā I have less overall, but the ones I do come across are definitely more stubborn than when I was transitioning! I could more easily “unravel” a knot when transitioning, but in my 6 weeks of being completely natural, my hair locks up tighter and it takes more to time to delicately loosen.

Enough of the boring stuff šŸ™‚ I love SEEING progress, so below is my journey over the past 12 months. It’s a bit self-indulgent lol, but I hope it inspires or helps someone!

Last relaxer 9/17/11


Curlformers done about a week later 9/23/11

Curlformers pinned back 9/23/11

4 months post-relaxer: quickly became a fan of the flat-twist out! Jan. 2012

9 months post-relaxer: Flat twist out again! At this point I was cutting ~1-2 inches every couple of months. Cutting away the relaxed ends led to tighter, bouncier curls! June 2012

9 months post-relaxer: Wanted to be more protective of my hair, so I pinned it all back. June 2012

10 months post-relaxer: Realized separating my twist outs more led to even bigger hair! I loved this phase šŸ™‚ July 2012

10 months post-relaxer: Hair was pulled back and tucked. July 2012

The “big chop”: I stuck with what I knew, flat twist out! There were still some relaxed stray hairs that I got rid of later on. August 2012

Freedom lol. This was somewhat stretched from the flat twist out shown before, but I had to capture my hair in its raw form! August 2012

Normal twist out: August 2012

I actually wore the twists out one night when I didn’t have enough time to let it dry. Kind of liked it šŸ˜‰ Aug. 2012

I can’t seem to repeat this level of definition from a twist out. I should have documented what products I used! I’m thinking this was when I tried Kinky Curly Knot Today. Aug. 2012

Twist out. Seeing a theme lol? Sept. 2012

One of my favorites! The afro puff šŸ™‚ Sept 2012

This week I put in smaller twists, pinned them back, and added a bear-claw clip. Very convenient, and I got a few compliments šŸ™‚ Sept. 2012

Sept. 2012



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