Parting Ways with my Shampoo?

I have very mixed feelings on this topic. There are several arguments on each side of the debate (I guess it’s not really a debate, just different opinions). There is a belief out there that since Shampoos (especially those with sulfates) dry the hair and strip it of necessary (and natural!) oils and moisture, they should not touch natural hair. Some of these “no-poo”ers choose other natural ingredients and concoctions to clean the scalp like Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda (please read up on these before you try them, I have not heard good things about them, but they must work for some people! Yet, other ladies feel that conditioners contain enough of some form of cleansing agent to lift the necessary dirt and product (if you use primarily natural products).

On the other side you have the “shampoo-ers” who feel that because a clean scalp is the foundation of hair growth, shampoo is a necessity. These could be the shampoos with actual sulfates (the typical ones in most stores), or the sulfate free ones.

When I was transitioning from relaxed to natural, I loved washing my hair with shampoo once a week with Shea Moisture Moisture Retention Shampoo (sulfate free). It’s almost like my scalp was itching for the shampoo (yea, yea, it could have been dry from shampoo lol). It’s pretty much the same story now. I can definitely tell when it has been a week since my last shampoo because my scalp itches, but I alternate each week between a shampoo wash and a co-wash (with Herbal Essence Hello Hydration). Even after co-washing my hair/scalp doesn’t feel clean, and sometimes I still see product build-up after co-washing.

Now, I’m sure it’s my fault that I see product build-up because I use products with ingredients that build up :). I use products with silicones and other ingredients that require shampoo to lift them, so as a result, I need to shampoo in order have clean hair and scalp. I actually don’t mind silicones because they give me the slip I need to detangle my hair and manipulate it with ease. Letting go of silicones would require I let go of my Herbal Essence Hello Hydration. At least I think…I get confused on the silicone debates lol. Either way, I KNOW I can’t get rid of my Hello Hydration!

It may sound like I have my mind made up. Shampoo all the way right? Not quite. Each week I can also tell when I’ve washed with shampoo vs. conditioner because of how moisturized my hair feels. Even when I deep condition after a shampoo wash, my hair just seems to lack moisture. And moisturized hair is detangled hair! So now I’m starting to re-think some things. So I’m going to start researching more shampoos. Wen is supposed to be really good as a ‘safe’ cleansing conditioner. I also heard so many great things about the Terressentials products. It’s time to venture out again. I’ll keep you posted!

Do you shampoo, or no-poo?



3 thoughts on “Parting Ways with my Shampoo?

  1. Back when I was transitioning I used Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Shampoo & Conditioner 2 in1 Combo. Along with Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In. I also did hot oil treatments and deep conditions every other week.

    But now that I am a little over a month “fully” natural my hair is completely acting different from my transitioning days. It seems to be dry. VERY DRY, ALL THE TIME. So then I got to thinking maybe its that shampoo stuff. So I stopped using that and starting co-washing only. I bought olive oil, coconut oil, cholesterol and hair mayo. I even changed conditioners, still my hair is thirsty.

    So to wrap this story up my friend I am with you on this hunt of finding SOMETHING to keep my hair soft and moisturized. For longer than a few hours. I know that our hair is NOT created equal but if I happen to run across a product that is the Business I will definitely let you know. And please feel free to do the same. I need all the help I can get with the Battle of the Curls.

    • I feel you! Our experience sounds pretty common. I hear a lot of ladies talk about really dry hair once thy chop. I will definitely let you know if I come across a “shampoo” or cleansing conditioner that works. I also just saw a co-washing conditioner at Walgreens (can’t think of the name right now, but will get back to you!)

      • Well TY … So funny you said Walgreens I was in there today looking at hair products too … Anwho, I am using Suave Professional Almond & Shea Butter Conditioner as well as V05 Moisturizing Conditioners. They seem to be ok. I think the next one I will try is TRESemme’ Flawless Curls.

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