I “Big” Chopped!!

Yes, I actually did it. 8/4/12. I don’t even think I believe it just yet. I wish I could say it was this big, anticipated, planned-for event, but it wasn’t. It was supposed to be a normal wash day. But what had happened was…:)

During my detangling and pre-poo session, I noticed a lot of hair breakage (or shedding). It could have been because I had my hair in a protective style all week, and so the strands that would usually shed were caught up during the week. It also could have just been more tangled over all because it wasn’t detangled throughout the week (again because of the protective style. Whatever the reason, I was over it. So while the Olive Oil was sitting on my hair I decided to trim. Honestly, that’s all I planned to do.

Once I was done washing and conditioning I sat there staring in the mirror at these stringy straight strands over my healthy “puffed”, natural hair. I had been trimming a significant amount of inches (at least 2-3) every 3-4 months since January ’12, so it really didn’t look like a lot of relaxed ends were left. So I thought to myself, “maybe I should just chop one section to see what it would be like without these relaxed ends weighing it down.” And that’s how it began.

I cut the front right side, loved how soft it felt and uninhibited it felt, and just kept going…getting more and more nervous as I continued (probably because I told my boyfriend I’d completely transition out and wouldn’t chop my hair lol).

Throughout the cutting process, I really felt liberated. From what I’ve read, most ladies experience this. I loved how soft my natural hair felt, and it really felt free to take it’s real shape and form. By the time I finished the last section, my right side had already shrank lol, and that’s when it hit me. I had really big chopped.

I sat there staring at my afro, I wanted to cry for like 2 seconds, then I thought, “I kind of like it”. I finally let me boyfriend see and his first words were, “I thought it would be a lot shorter. It’s cute”. Phew!

I shocked myself because I’m really not the impulse type. This whole blog is supposed to be on my long-term transition. I guess one year is enough (it actually would’ve been 1 year next month). Oh well, I’m free. My hair is free. And now it is time to continue my journey…100% natural 🙂

This style below is from my flat twist out. I’m excited about experimenting with styles! Oh, and I promise I have clothes on, it’s just a tube top so I looked naked (sorry)!

Looks like about 5-6 inches???

Quickly pinned it up! I wasn’t too comfortable with the shorter look…I’ll give myself some time 🙂

Afro pictures to come later! (I was too much in shock to take them during the process :))



13 thoughts on “I “Big” Chopped!!

  1. YAAAAYYY!!!!! You go girl. Congrats on the mini BIG chop. I LOVE it!!! Welcome to healthier/natural hair. The fun begins.

      • Thank You, Thank You … I transition for 6 months … My last relaxer was Feb 2012 … I knew that I wasn’t going to transition long so I pick the month of August because it was my birthday month … YAY! Anywho, I was loving my hair during the transition & now that I am fully natural it has magnified times 10 … LOL … I am so glad that I made this choice to GO NATURAL … My only regret is that I wish I would have done it sooner …

      • I completely feel you! My hair has surprised me for the better since chopping, and I love it so much more now! Congrats again…I tried to wait until my bday (next month), but I couldn’t wait! 🙂

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