Hair Regimen Change: Fewer, Bigger, Better

Over the past few weeks, my regimen has slipped quite a bit. You know, busy, tired, adjusting to a new city, blah blah blah 🙂 During the summer I intended to moisturize more (misting each night with water, or even adding an additional co-wash during the week). I also wanted to do more protective styling, especially in the humidity. Well I’ve done neither.

Because of the demands of work, I have actually dwindled down from washing twice a week to washing once a week alternating between a shampoo-wash and a co-wash. I assume my hair will be a little dryer because of this, so I have been making sure I mist with water each night. But my scalp does seem to miss the shampoo. It feels a little itchy.

Secondly, instead of protective styling, I’ve actually let my hair out even more! I love the look of my bigger, fuller twist out (below is the same nightly process, but I separated my twists more in the second two pics). Having my hair out more may result in more tangles, however I am moisturizing and re-twisting each night, so I am fighting hard to tangles and knots.

So there you have it. Fewer washes, bigger hair makes for a happier me during the summer…hopefully my hair won’t be too angry with me.

Has your regimen changed much this summer?



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