Battling Dry/Itchy Scalp

I have definitely had my share of dry and itchy scalp since transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. In my experience, itchy scalp has been caused by dry scalp and/or product/dirt build-up. So there are 4 things I focus on to combat it, and I thought it would be helpful to share.

1. Shampoo-wash weekly (sulfate-free) – Focusing on my scalp. I strongly believe a clean scalp is one of the most important attributing factors to a healthy head of hair. This is why I personally struggle with methods that prolong time between shampoo-washes, or completely get rid of them altogether. If it works for you, awesome! But I know my scalp needs the actual cleansing agents in shampoos.

2. Misting scalp with water throughout the week – This is especially important for me as I workout 3 times per week. Having the salt/sweat build up on my scalp makes for some itchy days!

3. When conditioner-washing, keep the conditioner from touching the scalp – On shampoo wash days, I focus on my scalp. On conditioner-wash days, I focus on the length of my hair. It sounds small, but makes a huge difference. Conditioners have a lot of ingredients that coat (& condition) the hair but are not necessarily good for the scalp.

4. Keep your body hydrated – Of course staying hydrated internally will keep your scalp from getting dry.

Others have had success with oiling their scalp with light oils that serve less as barriers and are able to penetrate. Jojoba, Castor, and Olive oil are a few oils of choice. This method is especially good if your scalp does not produce enough of its natural oil.

So I am noticing that itchiness is becoming a problem for me again since the weather has gotten warmer. I imagine it is because of #2 and #4 above. When it’s over 90 degrees outside, you can start sweating just from walking from the parking lot into a building. I imagine my scalp is not as clean as it was in the cooler months. There is also a greater chance of getting dehydrated in the summer, so I do plan on increasing my water intake.

I hope this helps. Itchy scalp probably frustrates me the most (after tangles and knots)! 🙂

How do you combat dry and/or itchy scalp?



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