Summer = More Protective Styling

Well, summer is here and the humidity is in the air. In the humidity, my natural hair shrinks while my relaxed ends straighten (not a good look!). I first experienced this a couple of weeks ago while at the gorgeous beaches in Cali (not too humid, but of course a lot of moisture in the air from the ocean). Ultimately, this means that the flat twist out, I’ve rocked almost every day since the end of March, no longer works. I end up looking a hot mess.

I can get over my natural hair shrinking (I’m sure I’ll freak out when I am 100% natural), and I don’t really mind the frizz (again, will probably be more of a problem when I am fully natural), but the problem is the straight ends. It turns any twist out to a “did you just roll out of bed?” look.

In Chicago this weekend the temperature got up to the 90s and I wasn’t taking any chances. I did a handful of flat twists (front to back) and wore my handy-dandy “hair net” (not sure what to call them lol). Below is an example since I didn’t take any pics this weekend. I usually leave some hair out up front so it looks like an “intentional style” lol. It’s the most protective style I know how to do.

So, I need help. I need more protective styles for the summer and this humidity because I refuse to have another Don King hair day! 🙂 YouTube here I come…



One thought on “Summer = More Protective Styling

  1. Looking good. My hats,wigs, and braids with entensions were my saving grace from my transitioning hair. I always had a hard time with styles when I transitioned. The only style was flat twist out on transitioning hair that seemed to look the best for me.

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