Natural Hair Takeover

Changes, changes, and more changes. I guess that is the essence of a transition, huh. Funny thing is that, just when I feel I’ve gotten a handle on my hair, it reminds me that I’m in a transition. Gotta love it.

It’s been 8 months since my last relaxer, and I’m feeling tempted once again. Not tempted to relax my hair (not even an ounce of me!), but I am tempted to chop these relaxed ends! Why? Well, let me just give an overall update (I like to start with the positive!)

1. Detangling has gotten a lot easier over the past month. I’m seeing less breakage (still quite a bit just because of the two textures, but it has definitely gotten better). I am attributing it to finger detangling and making sure I balance moisture and protein conditioners. I may have veered too far toward moisturizing conditioners right now. My hair seems a little limp. I usually do a protein treatment (with Aphogee 2-minute Reconstructor) and I get more “bounce back”. I will probably do one within the next week or so. But I’m loving how easy it is to detangle lol tradeoffs!

2. My one go-to style is still going strong (kind of lol). I cut at least 3 more inches of relaxed hair about a week and a half ago to make it look more lively (sometimes I feel like the relaxed ends weigh my hair down). I think that was my last time cutting my hair. I was reminded that I am not a stylist lol, but I still look presentable. My next cut may be the “not so big” chop!

3. SHRINKAGE!!! (yes, this is why I’m ready for a chop!) I’m not mad about the shrinkage. Not at all. But mixed with relaxed ends it presents a dangerous situation, lol. In all seriousness, I’m actually kind of excited to report my first experience with shrinkage. It makes this transition so real! And scary. Where do I begin…

I was in California on vacation for the past week and I wore my usual twist out.

Before the beach…already starting to lose a bit of curl and definition but nothing like at the end of the day (couldn’t even take a picture of it!)

We spent a lot of time at the beach (absolutely beautiful!), and although I wasn’t fully immersed in water, the moisture was definitely in the air. By the end of the day my natural hair shrank so much, and my relaxed ends completely straightened out. Honest to God, I looked like Don King lol. Better yet, picture a big cotton ball with strands sticking out…yea, that was my hair. I was so embarrassed 🙂 Being around so much moisture, I expected my relaxed ends to lose their curl a bit, but I hadn’t had this much natural hair to notice significant shrinkage. Surprise, surprise.

I have about 4 inches of natural hair now, and I feel like the game has changed. It took a little longer to co-wash today because my natural hair was very tightly coiled. My styles are also starting to look a bit different. Right now, all I can say is that they look a bit “poofy-er” lol, or less defined. But I will keep an eye out in order to give a better description 🙂

So that’s it! Great news! I feel like it’s really starting to happen. I am really on my way to becoming fully natural!




5 thoughts on “Natural Hair Takeover

  1. I also had that itch to cut at probably every time I washed my hair when I was transitioning. I kept thinking and picturing my hair at the short length and never liked it. But later around the 11 to 12 months mark the itch got stronger.

    • That’s exactly where I am! I keep picturing my hair at the shorter length and I’m like, “I can’t do it yet!”. Did you chop after a year or did you grow it out longer? I’m even scared to chop after a year, I have some serious shrinkage!

      • I actually chopped the remainder of the relaxer around the 13th month of transitioning, and it was done on a wim. I was so over it then, after washing my hair. It felt so good.

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