Product Challenge Contender #1: Vatika Coconut Oil

Last week I mentioned it’s time for me to venture out and try new products. This came about after noticing I was using the same products since the beginning of my transition about 8 months ago (and some even since I was still getting relaxers). I did an entire post on how adjusting is one of the most important parts of a transition (read it here), but here I am, stuck with the same old same old. So I’m embarking on a product challenge.

I laid out the plan for my challenge in the last post, but here it is as a reminder (mainly for myself :):

1. First I will document the products I use now, the effects they have on my hair, and why I love/don’t care for them.

2. I will alter one product within my regimen at a time, and will try to use it for at least one month to give it time to work (hopefully I can report out results on a monthly basis).

3. I need some type of goal for this challenge. I’m not trying to maintain length because I still have relaxed ends that I cut off every couple of months. So instead, I’m going for less breakage (as a result of more moisturized and more manageable hair).

So, addressing step 1: I did a quick documentation of what I use now, and it really helped me quickly identify what to focus on first, detangling!.

I will start with my pre-poo/detangling process. It’s time to lose Herbal Essence Hello Hydration and move on to something a bit lighter, but still effective for detangling. I actually love Herbal Essence, and am not losing it altogether. It will remain my go-to conditioner for my co-washing sessions, but as a pre-poo, I’m afraid it is a bit too heavy for my hair.

I quickly researched blogs of countless helpful ladies (see blog roll for my go-tos), and it seems like EVERYONE is using Vatika Coconut Oil for pre-pooing. From what I’ve read, it seems light and effective, so I’ll give it a try. I plan to buy it before I wash this Wednesday.

As promised, I will give it a good month before I review or make a “keep it/toss it” decision. So stay tuned!



3 thoughts on “Product Challenge Contender #1: Vatika Coconut Oil

  1. Good luck on your trials. I hope you find the right product for your hair. I have been there, but never planned it out the way you are. I think your way is a great way. The Vatika oil is great too when used by itself and certain products.

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