I’m going to keep this one short. One of the many reasons why I’m transitioning from relaxed to natural is versatility. You can do so much with natural hair. I’ve seen several blog posts and YouTube tutorials on how to do several amazing styles. Some are really creative, and original. Others are simple twists on traditional styles. So I feel like it’s time for me to pay homage to versatility…in my own simple way 🙂

Because of the two textures and my limited styling ability (okay, mainly my limited styling ability lol), I do the same exact style at night before I go to bed. I make about 9 flat twists, curl the ends with rollers, then hit the sack. In the mornings I wake up, untwist and go. But every morning, my hair looks a little different! It’s really kind of amazing. I feel like I should thank my hair for making me look like I’m trying out different styles on purpose 🙂 Take a look! (again, same exact style, just fluffed different ways).

Mar. 22

Apr. 17 (morning)

Apr. 17 (afternoon)

Apr. 18

Apr. 21

So here’s to the wonderful versatility of natural hair! Journey on 🙂



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