Wedding Hair Worries, Calmed

So for the past few months, I was really worried about what my hair would look like for my best friend’s wedding on April 7th. I was worried because I am transitioning from chemically relaxed to natural hair, and I’m still learning a lot about my hair and how it responds to certain styles, products, etc.

Because I’m still learning a lot, I wanted to be more sure for the wedding. So I wanted go to a natural stylist. I figured she/he could do a twist out or some type of curly style (roller/flexi-rod set), so my hair could look professionally done. I wanted to set up a consultation first, so they could take a look at my hair and recommend styles.

First, I must admit that I started this whole “find a stylist” process way too late lol. I started calling salons a month before the wedding. I didn’t set up a consultation until a week before the wedding (I know!). The tight timing is partly because I called several salons in Chicago, but over the course of a few weeks, only two called me back. Soul Salon & Spa looked the best (given the website), so I set up a consultation with them. I walked in the day of my appointment, told them I was there for a consultation, and they all looked at me crazy (all beefcake guys by the way lol). I guess they didn’t take note of my appointment. So then one of the stylists calls me over while he’s doing someone’s hair, and asks what I need. I repeat that I’m there for a consultation and I have a wedding in a week and I need help with styles. He has me take my hair down and says “oh your hair isn’t damaged, we can do whatever.” I’m like “okay, sounds great, but I still don’t know what my options are.” He’s like “pick a style, and I can do it”. They didn’t have magazines or a catalogues, so I sit there on my phone and search for “natural, wedding up-dos”, or “natural wedding styles”…whatever I could think of at the time lol. I struggled because it’s hard for me to envision what MY hair will look like in a certain style (given my length and texture), that’s where I thought the stylist could help. After getting tired of sitting there on my phone, I finally picked a random style. The woman’s texture was nothing like mine lol but he says, “cool, I can do that”. I told him “okay”, but felt very nervous!

Style I chose after getting tired of sitting there searching

After all of that, I punked out, cancelled my appointment, and decided I was doing my own hair. I just kept thinking back to that salon, and how I was watching him add all that heat to his client’s hair, and I’m like “no thank you”. So Plan B was my handy-dandy Curlformers that have given me that professional look when I need it. I can usually set my hair in Curlformers and have a cute style for the next few days, at least. So that was my plan. I set my hair on a Thursday night, drove to Michigan for the rehearsal dinner on Friday with my spirals bouncing, and woke up on Saturday (the day of the wedding) to beautiful spirals? No, I woke up to a hot mess lol.

Almost all of my curls fell out, and my hair felt really dry. Now I haven’t been conditioner-washing like I used to (just got back to it this week), so my hair was probably yearning for moisture. But I’m also thinking I got used to how Curlformers performed on my relaxed hair (the last time I used them before the wedding, I was only 3 months post-relaxer. Maybe it just behaves differently when more of my hair is natural?). Whatever the reason, it was now the morning of the wedding and my hair looked a mess. I tried re-curlforming that morning to see if I could tighten the curls, but because it didn’t have enough time to set, it ended up straightening the few curls I had left. I was frantic! I ended up swooping it all to my left side (since that happened to be the curlier side) and pinned it in place. I ran it by the bride to make sure she approved, and she gave a huge smile and said she liked it! So relieved.

I don’t have good pictures of my hair because I was really frantic that day and didn’t have my phone the majority of the time, but hopefully you can kind of see the style from these pics below (sorry they’re so small!).



2 thoughts on “Wedding Hair Worries, Calmed

  1. Yes natural hair can be elegant if it’s neat and tasteful. An added hair accessory can give it a little flare. Your hair came out lovely. I would have so panicked too. You acted fast and did the right thing. I liked the pic from your phone from the consultation. That style is something that I usually do when I end up with a super defined set or shrunken curls. It’s pretty.

    • Thanks Marsha. I’m just glad it looked decent for the wedding! And I completely agree with you, natural hair can totally be elegant 🙂

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